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More than just home

Business insurance protects you from the unexpected
costs of running a business.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance
can help protect your finances.

Identity Recovery

Coverage to help you recover
after identity theft or fraud.

Help and guidance

Most small businesses store important
personal information for their
customers and clients.

Our Partners

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What is Home Insurance
for our company?

Home Insurance protects your home and possessions for unexpected risks such as fire, flood and theft. There are two types of cover, which you can take out separately or together.

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Currently renting? Rent smarter. Protect the things you love the most inside the home and add on optional cover at an extra cost to protect them when you’re on the go or on holiday.

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What type of cover do I need
in Master Insurance?

If you're a homeowner and live in the property, you may want to purchase a combined buildings and contents insurance policy. Renters only need to look at contents cover as your landlord is responsible for the structural maintenance.

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We have a 4.8 out of 5 rating from 100,000+ people across a variety of industries,
so you can trust that you’re getting the reliable, simple and incredible service you deserve.

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